Downtown Vancouver and False Creek Aerial/Drone Photo – By UAViation Aerial Solutions
Commercial real estate is a competitive market in Canada. While most agencies will take photos via their smartphone or hire a professional photographer or videographer, gaining a competitive advantage is crucial to generating the maximum number of leads to your business. By investing in aerial photography or videography, your business is statistically going to sell properties faster and bring in more prospective buyers. There are many other advantages of drone and aerial photography and videography that every commercial real estate business should be aware of when studying and marketing a property:
  • A drone is capable of reaching and capturing every angle of commercial property and bring into perspective the entire layout of the land. A large development in Edmonton or Calgary, for example, may require a bird’s-eye view to truly study, map, or survey the land and infrastructure. Even a professional airplane or helicopter doesn’t come to close to the abilities of drones. A drone can provide valuable information to both the sellers and buyers of a commercial property, as well as speed-up the selling process by eliminating traditional time-consuming steps such as building inspections, etc.
  • It’s cost-effective to use a drone for your aerial images and videos. Hiring a professional photographer to take photos and videos inside a property is, of course, recommended to ensure the layout is properly represented; however, when it comes to delivering images of the exterior and full property/landscape, a drone is the least expensive option yet delivers the best quality results because it provides the scenic value and neighbourhood of the property.
  • In a highly competitive and tech-savvy market, especially in Vancouver, drones are almost considered essential in order to stand out and cater to a Millennial market. The global commercial and military market for drones is estimated to be worth over well over $4 billion dollars by the year 2025, and with Millennials being the largest segment of the working-age population, they’ve come to expect technology trends to keep up with every industry, including commercial real estate.
  • Your marketing efforts will no doubt expand and excel by utilizing drones for aerial photography and videography. Traditional images are overused and have grown to become a boring part of real estate. Interested and potential online buyers want to see new angles of properties instead of low-resolution photographs that don’t truly deliver a positive response. Social media posts are far more likely to be shared and engaged with when they offer something unique and different than what every other company is offering.
Canada Place/Downtown Vancouver Sunset – By UAViation Aerial Solutions
If you can’t afford to hire a professional and licensed drone controller and are attempting to do it yourself – or you’d like a few more tips on making sure your photography and videography stands the best chance of success, there are a few tips to keep in mind.
  1. Don’t make the videos too long. Potential commercial buyers want to see the best perspectives of a potential property. The longer a video is, the fewer people will actually watch it through. If you fully intend to deliver a polished product that places properties in the best light, a drone video that is between 1-2 minutes long is your best bet at engaging with the largest number of people.
  2. Plan your aerial photography or videography to be captured during the right weather conditions – and that doesn’t always mean when it’s all sun and no cloud. When the sun is out, it can cause glares and unflattering brightening to show up on your finished product – and to remove them post-edit is expensive. Check the weather statement well in advance and if it looks like it may be too sunny or storming, then schedule for a day that it will most likely be overcast or cloudy.
  3. Having a plan is also crucial to ensure you gather the images and videos you require without wasting time. Map out your property and sketch a rough flight plan for your shoot day. Perhaps you’d prefer starting with photographs before moving into the video captures. Make sure you write this down and notify your drone operator of your goals. It’s also important to remember to capture scenes from the surrounding area, such as golf courses, transit stations, and other amenities that may be favorable for potential buyers.
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About Us With locations in Vancouver, BC & Edmonton, Alberta, UAViation™ has been providing professional commercial and industrial UAV/Drone aerial photography services across Canada since 2015. Our Remotely Piloted Aircrafts (RPA) increase the safety associated with many inspections and surveys in hard to reach places, while reducing human error, time on site and cost. Our services include Survey-Grade Mapping, 3D Modelling, LiDAR Point Cloud, Infrastructure Inspection, Telecom and Utilities Inspections, Construction Monitoring and Documentation, Commercial Real Estate Marketing and View Studies, First Responders, Search & Rescue and many other aerial photography and videography applications. Our exceptional Live-Stream capabilities have also proven invaluable for many of our clients and industries when there is a need to have an eye in the sky remotely. It can be viewed securely from anywhere in the world with minimal delays and quick setup. Capturing accurate survey data is expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes unsafe to gather. Our goal is to make the process of data collection much simpler for your business while producing customized outputs that revolutionize how you do your job. Our 3D maps, high-resolution imagery, and videos are valuable assets.Whether used for monitoring and assessment, as analytical data, or as marketing materials, our outputs consistently bring customers’ business and workflow to the next level. UAViation™ delivers Top Quality ✓ Precise ✓ On-Time ✓ On-Budget ✓ results. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of flight safety. All our pilots hold Transport Canada Certified Advance Pilot licence and operate above and beyond Transport Canada guidelines. We also maintain a full UAV & CGL liability insurance of $5 mil and $2 mil E&O insurance, so you don’t have to.
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  • Ultra-HD photography and videography
  • Difficult to access Inspections
  • Site Monitoring
  • Measuring Cut and fill production volumes
  • Pre and as-built surveys
  • Precision topography using millions of survey points
  • Easily overlay blueprints or 3D building models
  • Weekly/monthly/yearly flights for inspection, change monitoring, tracking
  • Mapping, Surveys, and Thermal Imaging
  • Georeferenced orthomosaic maps and 3D models
  • Highly detailed terrain modeling – overlay GIS data and other map layers
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