Realtors, take note, drone videography and aerial photography are your new best friends. The technique of taking videos and photos of real estate from above is one of the best ways to showcase properties to potential clients, for numerous reasons.

1.Show the Right Size Aerial photography allows clients to see the size of properties in a better way than a head-on shot. With a lot of real estate photography, you can see the front or the side of the house. This often ends up making it appear smaller or larger than it actually is. With aerial photography, you can see how much area the house really spans. Then when paired with conventional real estate photography, you can give clients a really great idea of the actual size of the property.

2.Bring it to Life Drone videography is a relatively new technique that is now being used by realtors. By making a video of the property, you can really help bring it to life. This is especially useful when showcasing large properties that have beautiful surroundings. By showing a short film made with drone videography, clients can get a feel for the area and will be more likely to want to go and see the property in person.

3.Portable and Practical Drone videography and aerial photography is super useful to realtors showing clients property that is abroad, or a long way for the client to travel. They can learn a lot about the house and its location through drone-made videos and photographs. This same technique is also used in advertising. A well-produced short film or a beautiful poster made using this technique can attract potential buyers from all over the world.

4.Low Cost One of the benefits to realtors for obtaining this type of footage and photographs of their real estate is the fact that drone videography and aerial photography are relatively low cost. There is no need to hire a plane, pilot, and photographer when you have a drone and this is hugely appealing to those working in real estate. All you need is a drone, drone operator, and the correct type of camera. These above four reasons are some of the many as to why realtors are flocking to drone operators. If you work in the real estate business, this is something that will seriously assist your career in the industry.