When it comes to planning a wedding, there is often not enough thought or preparation that goes into the actual capturing of the perfect moment itself.

One of the areas that is most underutilized, is that of aerial videography. This is the process of using UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), also known as drones, to capture footage of the wedding from unique airborne angles.

In this article, we will explore why aerial videography is such an effective and mesmerizing method for capturing the celebrations that unfold at a wedding.

High definition footage
When assessing why aerial videography has gained such popularity in recent times, one of the fundamental reasons is the development of high definition cameras and video equipment. This has allowed for aerial videography to capture stunningly detailed shots from the air.

This becomes particularly effective when used in an event-style setting, such as a wedding, when it is often difficult to cover all of the action taking place. With the UAVs flying up to 400 feet to get their footage, there is little better way of capturing the full scale of an event.

Videos and images

Aerial videography combines both video and still images, often being most effective when the two are used together. This can later be used to put together a stylish and eye-catching video, which can then be passed onto the guests of the wedding.

With the potential for this to be combined with other footage taken on the ground, it creates a perfect perspective that really helps to capture the overall event.

New angle and perspective

In using aerial videography as part of your wedding photo footage, you will have access to angles and perspectives that were previously not available. This gives your wedding photos and videos a unique and creative edge over other forms of photography and videography, allowing you to relive the event in all its immersive glory. The different angles and perspectives of aerial videography are sure to make for fantastic footage, particularly as they can help capture more natural action, rather than conventional and staged photos.

In summary

Aerial videography is sure to make your wedding photos and videos extra special, with it being a worthwhile investment that you will thank yourselves for in the future, when you look back on the memories that were captured.