LiDAR & Photogrammetry

This is one of the most widely-used commercial UAS applications. Photogrammetry can generate high-precision 2D Orthomosaics, 3D Point Clouds and Texture Models, Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Digital Surface Models (DSM). The portable, affordable ability to create engineering-grade surface models is being applied across many verticals;

  • Land Title Surveys
  • Environmental Records & Assessment
  • Geo-Referenced Site Plans
  • Emergency management
  • Waste management
  • Mining
  • Highway construction
  • Pipeline construction

One of the major benefits in applying Conventional Survey and AutoCAD to UAS technolog is the ability to convert the data into a format that can be used by Engineers for the design of subdivisions, roadways, dams, mines, gravel pits, etc. All data is provided in Geodetic or Localized Coordinates dependent on the clients needs. Compared to Conventional Survey, the use of UAS saves a lot of time, and cut cost while still producing high accuracy data. Easily track site production, volumetric analysis , and topographic survey’s are just some of the great benefits in applying UAV’s in the Engineering/Construction business.

UAViation Aerial Solutions has carved a niche for itself in the field of inspection and surveys with the help of its specialized drones. Unmanned aerial vehicles have proved to be efficient in environmental assessment, construction and architecture industry to carry out risky site surveys for consultants, planners and administrators. These flying vehicles have greatly improved safety while lowering the cost of operations in every industry where they are being used. Our drones can complete inspection of a large site in very quick time. Saving time is not the only benefit that accrues to surveyors.

  • Our drones obliterate the need to expose workers to carry out inspection in a dangerous atmosphere
  • Surveyor has to spend a lot of time inspecting every square inch of an area. On the other hand, our drones are fitted with thermal imaging cameras to detect serious problems such as abnormal heat or cooling
  • Our drones can access spots that can be deemed inaccessible for human beings

Our advanced imaging technology will provide your team with the best geo mapping and aerial surveying it needs to get the job done. Our priority is precise detail and we guarantee it. We offer geo-spatial mapping solutions generated from our captured 2D aerial images. We specialize in aerial 2D & 3D Orthomosaic Imaging, GIS Services, Geo Referenced DEM/DSM/DTM Models, in addition to a wide range of mapping data such as point clouds, contour lines, volumetrics and much more! Our raw data output can be uploaded and processed through any web-based mapping interface you work with.

  • Collect aerial data in automated and infinitely repeatable flight paths, gathering data beyond the visible spectrum.
  • Ground sampling distance and resolution of 1 mm per pixel at 6 m, 15 mm per pixel at 60 m.
  • Transform raw imagery into semantic information, such as volume calculation, generation of contour lines, and extraction of profiles and 3D breaklines, which can be visualized and edited.
  • Vegetation index generation, visualization and colour editing for agriculture applications.
  • Point cloud classification.
  • 2D & 3D digitization, 3D visualization and editing.

As the leaders in unmanned aerial mapping and surveying, our services are second to none. Give us a call anytime to discuss creative solutions to improve efficiency and accuracy on your projects.