Inspection services are tapping into the world of technology a lot more nowadays and relying heavily on unmanned aerial vehicles in the form of drones. Drones offer unrivalled access to areas that we would otherwise not be able to see. They can get up extremely close to areas that need to be inspected and record video and transmit it back to the operator on the ground. Let’s take a look at a few of the industries utilizing UAV drone inspection.

Development & Construction UAV drone inspection can take a look at sites that developers are looking to build on and figure out whether they will be suitable or not. A UAV drone inspection will take far less time than a manual inspection and can also offer aerial views of the proposed area and catch things that might otherwise have been missed. Inspecting sites with a drone is inexpensive compared to other methods, and is a great starting point for developers, architects and construction project managers.

Environment Environmental agencies are now using drones to check out environmental at-risk areas and wildlife habitats, to monitor how they are doing. UAV drone inspection can get up close to these areas without disturbing them, the way humans would on vehicle or foot. Drones are small and compact and can blend into the background a lot more easily than a team of environmentalists. They can also reach places that are just too unsafe for humans, such as rough terrain, or areas with predator wildlife.

Fuel & Energy The fuel and energy industry is another one that is leaning on UAV drone inspection nowadays. Pipelines for oil and gas can be monitored, as well as the upcoming routes for these pipelines, to make sure that they are clear of obstructions. Electrical companies are making use of UAV drone inspection as well, to monitor their lines up close, where it would be dangerous for a person to access. When compared to the alternatives, such as traditional, in-person inspection, UAV drone inspection can be a lot cheaper, more efficient, and require less effort. It can also yield better results, as drones are able to get so close to the structure of the area that needs to be inspected. It is a piece of modern technology that has found its use in many different and varied industries, and we can tell you that UAV drone inspection is here to stay.