With ever expanding UAV/Drone market, more and more industries find use of drones beneficial to their operations. Realtors can now showcase properties from views not possible only a short while ago, building inspectors now can use drones to do a whole building inspection in fraction of time and cost that it would’ve taken with conventional methods and with increased safety. Cities and municipalities use drones for marketing, inspections and survey of lands. Top two major markets benefiting from drones are of course film/cinematography professionals and construction industry.

Drones have replaced need for expensive helicopters in many cases and have helped professionals achieve their goals at much lower cost and with more precision and in less time.

UAViation has recently expanded its fleet of drones to serve many industries helping them achieve their goals. We have drones for every industry, from a small DJI Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 for simple aerial photography or video to Inspire 2 for more complex jobs with 4K and 5.2K capabilities all the way up to DJI Matrice 600 Pro for cinematography and directors and finally latest stat-of-the-art Matrice 210-RTK with FLIR and 30x optical zoom camera for tower and turbine inspections.

UAViation also recently expanded its operation to Victoria and Kelowna. With our professionals based throughout BC, we can now serve our clients faster and more efficient. We have partnered up with professional surveyors, videographers, LiDAR, surveying and mapping to accommodate all our clients and make us a one stop shop for all your professional aerial needs.