As drone photography and videography become popular, people are beginning to learn more about their uses. While people get the general gist of photos and footage taken with a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), they likely do not realize how many uses this technology can have. At UAViation, we are BC’s leading experts when it comes to drone photography and videography and we want to inform and educate you about this, and about how many people in Vancouver and the surrounding areas can use it for inspection purposes.

Drones And Inspection
For many, when they realized that drones could be used for inspection, it was somewhat of an ‘a-ha’ moment. Of course, drone videography and photography has been known for content creation usage, such as making footage for movies and commercials, or taking unique photos, but they are many other uses that are really quite practical.

Using UAV for inspection is one of those extremely practical uses. Many systems that need inspection are in hard to reach places. In order to get someone to carry out an inspection, it can be costly and time consuming. We are going to give you two examples of how drones can help with inspections.

Solar Panel Inspection
Solar panels are normally placed on the roof of a building so they are at the closest point on that building to the sun. Like any power system, solar panels need to be inspected on a regular basis. This could be when they begin to break down or if they are due to be looked at.

Traditional solar panel inspection in Vancouver can involve sending a person on expensive machinery up to look at it. However, when you use aerial videography to do this, it is far lest costly and many will say far more effective. Solar panel inspection in Vancouver with drones is a simple way to see that the solar panels on a building are in good working order.

Piping Systems
Similarly to solar panel inspection in Vancouver, drones can be used to inspect pipes as well. Pipes are also normally placed in areas that are not easily reached because they don’t want people disrupting them. However, this can make them difficult to inspect. When drones are used this inspection becomes a lot easier as no man power is needed over or underground, the operator can control it from a completely different area.

So aside from creative content, drones can also help keep our buildings safe and functioning!