Ten years ago, most people would not have known what a drone was. Nowadays, these aviation machines are ubiquitous for photography, videography, and a range of other applications. Today we are going to explore one of these applications, and that is UAV drone mapping. UAV drone mapping involves using a drone, a small, unmanned aerial vehicle, to help create maps. Drones offer many advantages in this area that airplanes and other aerial vehicles were not able to manage quite so accurately and efficiently in the past. UAV drone mapping is being used in a range of industries right now, so let’s take a look at those and discover why.

Environmental Assessment
Drones are now allowing us to see parts of the planet that we never thought we’d see before and take mapping to another level. Sure, other aircraft have been able to give us pretty good outlines but the ability of drones to fly quite low and handle more treacherous routes, due to their smaller size, means that UAV drone mapping can give us detail in mapping that we haven’t seen before. We can now see protected areas of the environment more closely than was previously possible, and map them in a more accurate manner.

Designing and building has never been easier, thanks to UAV drone mapping. Your site can now be mapped out in great detail, which will make designing and building infrastructure a whole lot easier. This is of particular interest to developers and construction managers, who want to utilize technology to its full advantage.

Emergency Management
Another very useful and sometimes life saving feature of UAV drone mapping is using it for emergency management. Areas that are seen as dangerous can be mapped out more accurately and warning can be put in place where the areas are particularly bad. Drones can also be used to map the area in real time, to help out search and rescue teams.

UAV drone mapping is becoming increasingly popular in the industries mentioned above, but also in many more. It can be applied to a range of different areas, and increasingly advanced technology, means it will be used more and more in the future. If you are interested in UAV drone mapping, get in touch with us for a consultation. We can let you know how you can apply this innovative technique to your field, and set up a UAV drone mapping session for you.