-Crew Safety

UAV|Drone cell tower inspections eliminates the need for your cell inspection crew to risk their lives by climbing cell towers for visual inspections. We(UAViation) can provide a live feed for your inspection crew on the ground or anywhere around the world with our live streaming capabilitis. This approach allows your inspection crew to stay safe while our expert pilots inspect your cell tower.

-Year Around Cell Tower Inspection

UAViation Aerial Imaging Solutions uses drones that give you the possibility to get to places that were too costly or physically impossible in the past. With the new state-of-the-art DJI Matrice 210-RTK drone and batteries we can complete your cell tower inspection year around in as low as -20ºC and in any weather conditions (rain or shine). This give you the ability to inspect your cell tower safely any time of the year with quality, actionable data that will allow you to see from any internet connected computer a live streaming feed of your cell tower inspection.

-Expert & Timely Cell Tower Inspection

With cell tower inspection services from UAViation you will save time and get more valuable data. Our cell tower inspection drones can get to the top of the highest tower in seconds. We also can get multiple views, angles and levels of the tower significantly faster with much more detail than can be provided by manual visual inspection. While we are inspecting your cell tower you can provide our expert cell tower inspection drone pilots with your direction and needs to get the shot you need in seconds and see the cell tower inspection live from any computer connected to the internet.