For those of you who aren’t already aware, commercial use of drone photography has taken off in recent years, with it booming in sectors such as events, real estate and construction.

Whether it’s being used as a tool to sell homes and property, or for capturing large scale events from the sky, drone photography is certainly not just a passing fad.

Commercial Drone Photography Will Continue to Rise

The meteoric rise looks set to continue, with four of the main contributing factors explained further below.

Reason 1: Higher quality photography

In the early days of drone photography, while the quality of the photo or video captured was still a spectacular sight, it holds nothing compared to the current quality levels of today’s footage.

The development of more advanced and innovative photographic devices has helped to open up a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘beautiful aerial shot’, allowing the drone photographer to cover large areas in extraordinary detail.

Reason 2: Lower costs for the client

As the demand for commercial drone photography has risen, so too has the number of businesses offering the service.

An increase in competition is good news for the client, as the price of commercial drone photography is become lower, while the product’s quality continues to rise.

Reason 3: Expansion into new industries

While there is likely to be a continued rise in commercial drone photography for its existing industries of use, such as construction and real estate, there are also a vast number of other sectors which are starting to adopt the use of drone photography.

Tourism offers a particularly large potential market, as a number of leading ski resorts, national parks, golf courses and other ventures begin to use drone photography to aid their businesses.

With the quality of the photo and video footage improving with each passing year, coupled with an increasingly affordable cost, commercial drone photography is becoming a service desirable to a much larger scope of clients.

Primed to help capture advertising material and marketing footage for businesses in every type of industry, the future is certainly looking bright.

Reason 4: Beat the competition

Now that a number of new industries are beginning to utilize drone photography for their marketing and advertising requirements, the snowball effect also is starting to be seen.