Aerial photography has become increasingly used in many industries in the last few years, with perhaps none more so than the real estate sector.

Embracing real estate aerial photography has been immensely popular among realtors, as they seek to find new and appealing ways of marketing their properties to prospective buyers.

Why Real Estate Aerial Photography is Taking Off

Aerial views of the surroundings

One of the ways in which real estate aerial photography was first adopted, was for capturing the bird’s-eyeview of a property and its surroundings.

This is especially utilized when it is a larger house, or if the property grounds cover a sizable area, as it allows the realtor to show off these features. It is also useful in pointing out local schools, parks and other key attractions in the area, as the prospective buyer then has a visual image of just how close they are to their potential new house.

High definition drone shots

In one of the fastest expanding areas of real estate aerial photography, high definition drone shots are becoming the norm for many houses that are put on the market.

With the ability to hover in key areas and take photos that maximize the property’s aesthetic design, drone photography has created a new photographic norm for how properties are marketed to prospective buyers.

House highlight showreel

Along with using drones to capture high definition photography, many realtors are also using a combination of images and short videos to create an attractive show reel of a house.

With a voiceover added into the mix, you can create a short, but stylish showreel, ready to display to prospective buyers, without them needing to visit the house in person. This is particularly effective for realtors covering large, or remote areas, where house viewings can be tough to organize, or gain enough attendance.

Getting a prospective buyer initially interested from the video showreel can often lead to them following up with a personal viewing, so is well worth investing in, from a realtor perspective.

Property progress report

Another element to real estate aerial photography is utilizing drones in a reporting capacity, helping to review the progress of a building project. Whether this is for an entire development area, block of houses or a solo property upgrade, a drone provides an effective and affordable mode of capturing the progress of the project.

Regular updates means that the images and photos can later be turned into a video, allowing it to be used to show investors, buyers and other related parties the different stages of the development.

This has become especially popular for property developers, as they seek to land new contracts and show off their previous project management and scheduling experience.

In summary

Real estate aerial photography has a number of great uses, as demonstrated above. With the increase of affordable drones and higher quality capturing devices, it looks set to become synonymous with the real estate market for years to come.